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Classroom to Careers: Virtual Career Fair Tips with Lexi

Author: tbrow

LAS Career Services Student Communications Specialist, Zach Hamilton, is giving you some insider knowledge on the upcoming People to People and Business, Industry & Technology Virtual Career Fairs.

Take a look at this great Q&A he had with LAS Career Services Coordinator and Virtual Career Fair Advisor, Lexi Elliott!

When are this year’s virtual career fairs?

The People to People Career Fair is September 29th, 10am-5pm

The Business, Industry & Technology Career Fair is September 30th, 10am-5pm

Where are they taking place?

This year Career Fair will be virtual through a platform called CareerEco. You must register to attend this year’s virtual career fairs. Registration links to both fairs can be found below.

Registration link for the Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair:

Registration link for the People to People Career Fair:

How do I know which one to go to?

You can go to all of the virtual career fairs, it is actually recommended you do! The more virtual career fairs you go to the more comfortable you will be as you continue your internship or job search this fall and in the future.

You can find specific information about what types employers will be at each virtual career fair on our career fairs webpage.

How do I talk to employers on CareerEco?

You will have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of organizations via chat, video, and/or audio communication. All organizations will provide a main group chat with the option of private, individual chats upon an employer’s request.

Where can I find who will be at the career fair?

Once you are registered for the virtual career fairs, you will have access to all of the registered employers and their profile information within the CareerEco system.

Do I need to sign up for the career fair?

You need to register! Follow the links for the career fairs, and register TODAY. It doesn’t take long, and then you are ready to meet with employers from around the country.

Registration link for the Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair:

Registration link for the People to People Career Fair:

Since the career fair is online, should I still dress up?

It’s important to still look and feel your best. Sometimes dressing up can make you feel more confident, and be more successful as a result. Not only that, but you have the potential to be asked to a 1:1 video chat with an employer to discuss an opportunity further during the virtual career fairs. Being prepared and looking professional from the start means that you can meet with more employers!

What should I have ready for the virtual career fair?

  • Be sure to have your resume ready and uploaded in your CareerEco profile.
  • Have your elevator speech ready. With this, you can let the employer know what you are seeking and what you bring to the table.
  • Be prepared to video chat. Have a clean background, dress professionally, and test your video, microphone, and computer sound.

Will there still be an interview day?

There is no on campus interview day this fall. Employers are still trying to fill positions though, so you may have a virtual interview the day after the fair or the days after the fair – employer’s timelines are more flexible.

What time is the career fair? Do I need to be there the whole time?

Both of the career fairs take place from 10am – 5pm. You do not need to be here the whole day. On average, students spend 2-3 hours at the career fair. This is spent speaking with employers, finding employers you are interested in, and waiting to speak with those you wish to meet. With the online platform, it’s never been easier to drop in during your time in-between classes and select a time to chat with the employer.

What can I do to prepare?

There are tons of ways our office can help you be ready to make the most of career fair!

  • Meet with a career advisor: Our advisors are available virtually to help you discover what you can do to prepare and work on your resume, elevator speech, how to chat with employers, how to apply for a position, and answer any question you may have. Set up an appointment today by emailing
  • Attend the Resumes and Virtual Career Fair Prep webinar taking place on September 22nd. Register today!
  • Check out our Instagram and Twitter. We give out lots great information including Career Tip Tuesday and Resource Review Thursday! Find us @las_careers

Blog by, Zach Hamilton – LAS Career Services Student Communications Specialist