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All about LAS 203: Professional Career Preparation

Author: tbrow

What is LAS 203? 

  • LAS 203 is a quick one-credit, satisfactory/fail, 8-week course that teaches students various helpful and essential skills.  At the end of LAS 203, students will have a solid plan to make their dream career a reality after graduation! As I said earlier, this course is satisfactory/fail, so there is no letter grade attached. That should help make this course low stress for you! 


What have Past Students who took LAS 203 said about the Course? 

Student: Natalia Ríos Martínez 

When did you take the Course? 

  • Natalia took LAS 203 during the Fall of 2021.  

What was your favorite topic discussed in the course? 

  • Natalia enjoyed learning “How to Translate your Skills to Employers.” Natalia says, “I had always been scared of not having the right skills to articulate my skills. Now I feel prepared to connect my skills to the job description.” Another great topic that Natalia enjoyed was creating a career plan. 

“It significantly decreased my anxiety about knowing my next steps after college” – Natalia Ríos Martínez 

How did LAS 203 help prepare you and help you grow professionally? 

  • Natalia expresses the importance of professors! “Tessa Brow, the course instructor, was imperative to the success of this course,” Natalia says that students are provided highly informational yet understandable lectures about resumes, networking, career planning, job searching, salary negotiation, and more!  

Why should students take LAS 203? 

  • Natalia says she wishes she had known about LAS 203 earlier. LAS 203 takes your basic professional career preparation to another level! Natalia recommends that all students, regardless of major, take LAS 203. 

You will finish the course feeling confident, knowledgeable, and ready to conquer life after college, which may seem daunting.” – Natalia Ríos Martínez 


What are some Assignments in the Course? 

  • All the assignments are set up to help prepare you for job searching, post-graduation, creating a career plan, and to help you grow professionally. Some assignments include: 
  • Creating and Editing your Resume 
  • Creating your own LinkedIn Profile 
  • Creating a Professional Career Plan 
  • Using CyHire to find Job Alerts 
  • Writing a Mock Cover Letter 
  • Conducting a Mock Interview 
  • Attending the Career Fair / Conducting an Informational Interview 
  • And more! 

Why Bother to take LAS 203 if I can do Career Preparation independently or in an Appointment? 

  • Taking LAS 203 gives you comfort in knowing that you have extra support! There are many questions that you can’t answer on your own. This course offers guidance and great advice that you cannot get anywhere else. A critical aspect of this course is that it has an accountability factor—you may think that most things, such as creating your resume, planning out your career path, etc., are optional, and you never have to do that, but it is important! This course gives you time to do that! You don’t know what you don’t know until it is brought to your attention, and this course will help you with everything you need to be successful in the realm of careers and professional development! 


When do I take LAS 203? 

  • We recommend taking LAS 203 as soon as you can fit it into your schedule! 


What is New in LAS 203 this Semester? 

  • LAS 203 has gone through some changes! The course has been synthesized, and a lot of the resources are more accessible now! There have been more career exploration topics added to the course and creating a more detailed and specific personal career plan. Visit the Iowa State: Schedule of Classes to see when LAS 203 will be offered this winter and next semester! 


How is the Class Structured? 

  • LAS 203 is a half-semester (8 week) course that is offered in both an online and in-person format. Registration for spring 2022 is coming up! There will also be a winter session starting this December! 

Any QuestionsContact the instructor, Tessa Brow – Career Education Coordinator, at or 515-294-5964. 


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By: Taylor Mathis