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Finding Community in the Workplace: Learn from Cargill’s Business Resource Groups

Author: tbrow | Image: tbrow

Learn from one of the world’s largest and most diverse corporations, Cargill, about how to find community in the workplace. Led by Cargill’s Young Professional’s network, the event will share how employee/business resource groups (BRGs) empower employees, improve our culture and provide safe spaces for employees of all backgrounds. During our open panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to hear from representatives from Cargill’s BRGs like the Asian Alliance Network, Cargill Ability Network, Cargill Ebony Council, Cargill Hispanic Latino Council, Cargill Pride Network, Cargill Women’s network and more. Much like an on-campus organization, Cargill’s BRG’s provide a space for those with shared experiences to develop, advance and educate. Continue your passions, celebrate your community, and see how Cargill can support you.

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