COVID-19 Career Resources For Students

Reaching Out To Employers

If you’ve already secured an internship or full-time job and haven’t heard from your employer recently:
  • Some summer 2020 internship programs and full-time positions may continue, but you should assess your personal employment situation and contact your employer if you have not received an update.
  • Get in touch with the hiring contact to check on the status of your position. Here are some tips for reaching out to the employer:
    • Express gratitude/excitement
      • Thank you again for the opportunity to work for your organization. I am very excited to start this position!
    • Acknowledge this situation
      • I know this is an uncertain time for everyone, including your organization.
    • Be clear
      • I wanted to see if you could provide an update on how COVID-19 is impacting (insert name of organization/company) and if there is any information I should be aware of for my upcoming start date on (insert start date) for my (insert position title) position.
      • If you are uncomfortable working on-site, you may also want to inquire about working remotely.
    • Express gratitude
      • Thank you again you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • If an employer is considering keeping you on as a remote employee, but is unsure about having you work remotely, ask them to reach out to LAS Career Services to help answer questions and concerns.
If you’ve submitted applications and haven’t heard back:
  • Research the organizations you applied to. See if they have released any news updates indicating a hiring freeze. This information could be located on their careers page or in a news article if you do a Google news search. Some employers are also listing COVID-19 news updates on their main webpage.
  • Follow-up with the employer to touch base on your application and ask when you might hear back on their decision. Call or email the general HR phone number or email address if you do not have information for a specific contact.

Continuing Your Job and Internship Search

  • Utilize CyHire: We will have all internship and job opportunities we are aware of posted on CyHire, per usual.
  • Make an appointment with a Career Adviser by emailing or through CyHire.
  • Register for LAS 203X, Professional Career Preparation, an 8 week, 1 credit course that will be customized to the current COVID-19 situation. This course will provide information and skills on how to navigate the challenging job/internship process during COVID-19.
  • If you are searching for remote work, almost all job boards include a ‘remote’ search feature in the advanced filters area. You can also list the word ‘remote’ in the location search box to locate these types of opportunities.
  • Be aware that employment scams become more common during times of uncertainty. If an opportunity seems too good to be true, it may be! You can always contact LAS Career Services if you have a question about the legitimacy of an opportunities.
  • Online Resources:

Virtual and Phone Interviews

  • Big Interview – Complete interviewing tutorials and practice your virtual interviewing skills. All LAS students are able to use this service for free!

Virtual Interviews

Phone Interviews

Accepting Offers

  • Consider your start date and inquire whether you will be starting work in-person or remotely.
  • It is acceptable to respectfully ask if there is flexibility in the salary/job offer.
  • More information on salaries and benefits.

Working Remotely

Working On-Site

If you need to report to your internship or job in-person, please review resources for social distancing and self-isolation.

P/NP Grades

  • Iowa State University has adopted a temporary Pass/Not Pass grading option for undergraduate courses impacted by the transition to virtual instruction, effective immediately.
  • Your transcript will indicate the extraordinary circumstances encountered in the 2020 spring semester.
  • Employers may ask for a copy of your transcript during the hiring process. Be prepared to explain the P/NP policy and your decision for selecting that option, if they ask questions.
  • The COVID-19 situation is unprecedented, so we cannot predict how employers will interpret the P/NP policy, but it’s our hope and assumption that it will not negatively impact hiring decisions.