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Professional Employment Practices Agreement

Online Recruiting

Career Services offers a free, online recruiting system, CyHire, which allows employers to post internship and full time positions for all Iowa State University students to access. Employers can create an organization profile, schedule interviews, advertise on campus information sessions, and register for career fairs. All professional positions must be posted on CyHire.

  1. Go to CyHire
  2. Click on “Sign Up and Post Job”
  3. Complete the form and click “Submit”
  4. Once we approve your registration, you will receive a system e-mail with your login information

If you need assistance with CyHire please contact us. We look forward to working with you!

P/NP Grades 

  • Iowa State University has adopted a temporary Pass/Not Pass grading option for undergraduate courses impacted by the transition to virtual instruction, effective immediately. 
  • Recent graduates and current student transcripts will indicate the extraordinary circumstances encountered in the 2020 spring semester. 

On Campus Interviews

Increase your organization’s visibility and generate interest in your employment opportunities by interviewing on campus. On campus interviewing offers an excellent way for employers looking to fill internship and full-time positions to connect with students. Conducting interviews on campus makes it convenient for busy college students, making it an effective way to increase interest in your job/internship opportunities.  Sign up for an On Campus Recruiting (OCR) session on CyHire.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Phone and Virtual Interviews:

To create a schedule please log into CyHire and click the ‘Create On-Campus Interview (OCI) Schedule’ shortcut on the right hand side of the homepage. Include a note at the top of your job posting indicating these interviews will be conducted via phone or video. Once the form has been submitted, we will review your request. If you need assistance creating an interview schedule or have questions about video interviewing, please let us know.

Information Sessions and Presentations

Holding an information session on campus is a great way to provide students with an introduction to your organization, increase exposure to your job postings and on-campus interview schedules, and strengthen your name recognition on campus. To make reservations for a session in the Memorial Union, please contact the Reservations Office by calling (515) 294-1437. Advertise your information session on CyHire.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Student organizations may also be a venue for presentations. It should be mutually agreed upon by the organization and the company that the presentation will NOT primarily promote the employer. Additionally, any recruiting activities (i.e., resume collections, sharing of job postings, etc.) should be coordinated with Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Services and posted on CyHire. Engaging in recruitment activities in classroom situations which might be outside of standard recruitment practices may jeopardize an employer’s compliance with EEO and/or DOL obligations.

Individual instructors sometimes host employers in their classrooms. Those organizations wishing to participate in classroom situations should recognize that any material presented in such forums should correspond/compliment the classroom curriculum. Company “commercials”, where the bulk of the material covered is focused on marketing the organization, are not recommended nor allowed.

When reaching out to instructors of the college, employers should plan to prepare presentations that will support the material of the course. For those campus recruiters who wish to promote their company, hosting an information session coordinated by the Memorial Union and marketed via CyHire is recommended.

Commercial Organizations’ Presence On Campus

Please review the following Iowa State University policies on commercial organization presence on campus.

Offer Acceptance Policy

Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Services encourages employers to give students as much time as possible to evaluate job offers and make informed decisions without undue pressure. Employers should provide candidates a minimum of three weeks from the date of offer to evaluate the opportunity for both internships and full-time positions. We also encourage employers to consider requests for additional time on an individual basis. Offers made to students for positions should be made in writing. Verbal offers should be followed with written offers via email or post.

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