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Thank you for your interest in recruiting from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Iowa State University! LAS Career Services helps employers connect with thousands of current students and alumni.  With the exception of career fairs, all employer services are provided free of charge. More information can be found by following the links on this page, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Information Regarding Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Recruiting: Limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus and ensuring the safety of students and campus visitors is a priority of Iowa State University.  In-person recruiting events will not be held during the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semester due to the difficulty of ensuring adequate physical distancing.  However, systems for virtual networking and interviewing are in place to facilitate the effective recruiting of ISU students. LAS Career Services is eager to assist employers that have questions about recruiting effectively using virtual methods.

Virtual Recruiting Opportunities

Posting Positions to CyHire:

Career Services offers a free, online recruiting system, CyHire, which allows employers to post internship and full time positions for all Iowa State University students to access. Employers can create an organization profile, schedule interviews, advertise on campus information sessions, and register for career fairs. All professional positions must be posted on CyHire.

    1. Go to CyHire
    2. Click on “Sign Up and Post Job”
    3. Complete the form and click “Submit”
    4. Once we approve your registration, you will receive a system e-mail with your login information

Position postings are promoted to all ISU students, and any alum that requests access. CyHire makes it easy for job seekers to search for positions, and they can also set up job alerts to get email notifications of positions that match their search criteria. Resumes and other applicant materials can be collected in CyHire, via email, and/or company careers website.

Virtual Interview Scheduling:

CyHire includes a feature that makes it very convenient to schedule and arrange virtual interviews. Applicants apply to your posted position in CyHire and candidates can be invited to interview with a click of the mouse. Once invited, selected candidates can choose the time slot in your interview schedule that works best for them. A link to the video meeting platform or call-in instructions will be automatically provided to the interviewee and the information will appear in their CyHire account.

Information Sessions:

Virtual information sessions are strongly encouraged to market your organization to students and inform them of your employment opportunities. Name recognition is very important to effective college recruiting. LAS Career Services will promote your information session to students through CyHire and weekly emails. To set up a virtual information session, use the video meeting platform of your choosing to schedule a group meeting or webinar. LAS Career Services can arrange and host your virtual meeting using Zoom or WebEx if you don’t have your own account with one of these platforms. (Note: Zoom offers free accounts but group meetings can last a maximum of 40 minutes.) On the Information Session Request Form in CyHire, enter the date, time and the link to your meeting or webinar if doing your own virtual meeting setup, or a note requesting LAS Career Services to make arrangements on one of our available platforms.

Virtual Career Fairs:

Virtual career fairs will be held in February. A full list of the virtual career fair dates can be found HERE. The easy-to-use and convenient virtual meeting platform within CyHire will facilitate many one-on-one video meetings between job seekers and employer representatives. Job seekers that are interested in your employment opportunities will enter a queue to speak with your representative(s). When ready, employer reps will initiate a video chat and have a short conversation to screen candidates. After speaking to a student, private comments/evaluations can be entered for later review, before a conversation is initiated with the next candidate in the queue. Before, during, and after the fair, employers will have easy access to the resumes of the candidates that expressed interest in  their posted position(s).

To register, log in to your CyHire account. On your CyHire homepage, click on the name of the fair you would like to attend under the “Attend Events” section and complete the registration form. You should receive an email confirming that we have received your registration and that approval is pending. If you do not receive this email, your registration has not been submitted.

Join LAS Connect:

Launched earlier this summer, LAS Connect is an online platform that provides opportunities for LAS alumni to connect with LAS students and other alums. Alumni can assist students looking for internships or help recent graduates with career advice. Whether you have decades of experience or are just starting your professional career—your perspective is valuable! We encourage alumni to join LAS Connect and help build a strong online LAS community! Sign up is quick and easy, using your email, LinkedIn or Facebook profile. As the fall semester approaches, we’ll invite students to join the platform.

Contact lascs@iastate.edu if you are a LAS alum and would like to join LAS Connect.

P/NP Grades 

  • Iowa State University has adopted a temporary Pass/Not Pass grading option for undergraduate courses impacted by the transition to virtual instruction, effective immediately. 
  • Recent graduates and current student transcripts will indicate the extraordinary circumstances encountered in the 2020 spring semeste 

Offer Acceptance Policy

Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Services encourages employers to give students as much time as possible to evaluate job offers and make informed decisions without undue pressure. Employers should provide candidates a minimum of three weeks from the date of offer to evaluate the opportunity for both internships and full-time positions. We also encourage employers to consider requests for additional time on an individual basis. Offers made to students for positions should be made in writing. Verbal offers should be followed with written offers via email or post.

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