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It’s time we meet!

We look forward to meeting you to discuss further on how we can partner with you to ensure your current and future internship and career success. We have created a brief video with an overview of who we are and how we can assist you at LAS Career Services.

LAS Career Services Overview Video

Four Year Career Plan

Complete as many of the activities below as you can, and you’ll find yourself on the way to a great career opportunity!

First Year

Get Acquainted

  • Browse this website to learn about the services and resources offered to students and alumni
  • Sign in to your CyHire account to access internship and full-time job postings
  • Get involved in student clubs and organizations
  • Gather information about majors and careers
  • Conduct informational interviews or job shadow individuals in careers you are interested in pursuing
  • Begin a resume to keep track of employment, education information, and campus/community involvement
  • Visit career fairs to gather information about career paths and to practice networking
  • Build your professional wardrobe with dressy, conservative items of clothing

Second Year


  • Continue to explore career paths
  • Work toward a leadership position in a student club or organization
  • Visit Career Services to help with career planning, a resume update, career fair preparation, and/or interview tips
  • Obtain a part-time job or volunteer with an organization related to your career plans
  • Visit the career fairs and utilize CyHire to learn more about internship opportunities
  • Create a LinkedIn profile to showcase your experiences and keep track of professional connections
  • Obtain an internship to gain experience and knowledge in your field, and consider earning credit for your internship experience

Third Year


  • Explore graduate or professional school, if applicable
  • Continue to pursue leadership positions in student clubs and organizations
  • Update your resume and have it reviewed by Career Services
  • Visit the career fairs and check CyHire to find internship opportunities
  • Join a professional organization related to your career plans to help you learn more about the profession and make contacts
  • Begin your full-time job search by researching and making a list of prospective employers
  • Obtain another internship to further your experience in your chosen field
  • Network! Past employers, faculty members, alumni, family, and friends can be immensely helpful

Fourth Year


  • Prepare a job search or graduate school application plan
  • Update your resume and schedule an appointment with Career Services to have your resume and job search plan reviewed
  • Use job search resources including CyHire to locate job postings
  • Continue to network with your existing contacts and make an effort to meet new contacts
  • Attend career fairs
  • Keep track of the applications you have in progress and follow up as needed
  • Contact Career Services if you have questions about salary or negotiations
  • Report your employment to LAS Career Services