Preparing for a successful career is more than simply meeting your degree requirements. Think about what will set you apart from others with the same educational background and how you will market yourself to future employers or even professional/graduate schools. Use the information below to help guide you in making yourself marketable for internship and full time career opportunities.

Choose 3 of the following skill sets to focus on:

Quantitative skills
Ask your academic adviser about taking courses in mathematics, accounting, statistics, or economics to strengthen your quantitative skills.
Communication skills
Improve your written and oral communication skills by taking your presentations, essays, or lab reports to the Writing and Media Help Center. Talk to your academic adviser about enrolling in classes in communication studies, English, or speech communication.
Marketing skills
Think about enrolling in courses or taking on positions in campus organizations that will allow you to gain experience in sales, publicity, and fundraising.
Scientific skills
Gain lab skills and conduct scientific research in classes, take advantage of undergraduate research opportunities, and pursue science related internships.
Leadership skills
Look for opportunities to supervise or advise others and take on leadership roles within campus organizations or within the community.