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LAS Student Spotlight – Sarah Flippen

Name: Sarah Flippen

Major: Psychology

Graduated: Spring 2022

How did LAS 203 help prepare you for your future?

“The instructor packed the course full of the essentials, and I truly felt that all of the included assignments were a direct and real-world opportunity to apply what we were talking about that week.”

Sarah describes LAS 203 as a short crash course of “all things career-wise” and in this course she was able to get all the difficult questions answered regarding cover letters and figure out how to best present yourself to a future employer.

“I feel that I am truly able to tackle interviews and present the best version of my professional self.”

What did you get out of taking LAS 203?

Sarah says the directly applicable assignments have helped her a ton and now she has a ready to go, polished resume as well as a better understanding of how to write a cover letter tailored to certain skills and make her resume stand out!

“This course was flexible with my schedule, direct with the application of learned materials, and a great way to stay current on the inner workings of today’s application processes.”

How did you get interested in tutoring language learners through non-profits and tutoring apps?

Sarah has always been interested in helping others achieve their own goals. Being online the past two years had taught Sarah that there is always room to expand your language learning, especially with English.

“After doing some more digging into this field, I found that I can follow my drive to help others make global connections while traveling around the world myself.”

Sarah has had the opportunity to tutor everyone from elementary school age students to adults learning business English and even a Refugee who had wanted to learn English to connect with her new home in a different country.

“Each of my students has come to me with different goals, and I have loved connecting with each of them and seeing their language skills drastically improve.”

“English is something that I use every day and that I am already an expert in, so it has truly been about honing the skills to explain the language to other people that has been the biggest challenge.”

How has tutoring helped you grow and prepare you for your future?

“Tutoring online has given me an incredibly wide global scope of what exactly is going on out there in the world right now.”

Sarah hopes to have her own little classroom someday and continues to teach English online to help practice and achieve this goal. She has been able to get through countless technical difficulties and push through when a student is experiencing frustration when trying to learn and understand a language concept.

“Tutoring has helped me better understand where my own teaching skills need to be improved and pushed me to be more creative with my teaching methods.”

What are some of your future goals and where would you like to see yourself after graduation?

“As of right now I have nothing set in stone, but that has left the door open for so many opportunities to take place! I will be moving home briefly after graduation to work, and then I will be interviewing different TEFL companies in Europe and Asia in order to find the best environment for my interests and goals as an educator and as a young person that wants to travel and see everything. As of right now, I can see myself teaching in either Hungary, South Korea, or Spain.”