Faculty and Staff Involvement

As a faculty or staff member, you may play a role in helping students and employers connect during the job search/recruiting process. In this role, it is important that you comply with labor laws related to equal employment opportunity and help ISU maintain a recruiting environment that is fair to all students and employers. Please read: Faculty/Staff Guidance on Recruitment of Students for Internships and Full-Time Employment


Career Services will partner with you in coordinating career programming for your department or student organization. You can view our existing presentation topics and fill out a request for a guest speaker. However, LAS 203: Professional Career Preparation is the best, most-comprehensive way for undergraduate students to learn all interlocking parts of the career development process. The course features intentionally designed and scaffolded curriculum which includes highly researched lectures on best practices and weekly assignments that provide accountability and feedback for students to apply what they learn.

Career fairs

We view career services work as equity work. Please encourage your students to attend the career fairs each fall and spring and help eliminate barriers for students to engage. We appreciate your flexibility with students’ class attendance and assignment deadlines because of the limited time employers spend on campus. As a faculty or staff member you are also encouraged to attend to help build relationships with our employers and gain a better understanding of how students will use what you teach them outside the classroom. View dates for the next career fairs on campus.

Legal/ethical issues

Faculty and staff sometimes receive employment opportunity information and are asked to relay the information to students or identify candidates. Requests for student referrals or for names of excellent students may seem harmless, but there are potential legal and ethical pitfalls. For more information, please read A Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring, published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

To maintain a fair and equitable recruiting process, CyHire, is designated as the centralized job and internship posting site for all students at Iowa State University. Employers requesting to post opportunities should be directed to Career Services. Use of CyHire also ensures that:

  • Positions posted at Iowa State can only be viewed by Iowa State students or alumni.
  • Employers using university resources to recruit agree to follow the university’s non-discrimination policy.


Any employers that contact faculty and staff regarding recruiting students at Iowa State should be directed to CyHire to ensure all students have equal access to information and all employers have agreed to important ISU policies. Career Services will be happy to reply to job posting requests. Simply forward the request to lascs@iastate.edu.

CyHire also allows employers to create a profile, schedule on-campus interviews, advertise information sessions, and register for career fairs.

When advising students about careers and opportunities, faculty and staff may find it useful to view current jobs and internships posted through CyHire. If you would like to register for your own faculty/staff CyHire account to view job postings and employers attending on-campus events, please register here.

Graduation outcomes data

Career outcome data, including employer information, is collected from graduates six months after graduation with a guarantee that individual responses will be kept confidential. Therefore, data will be released to internal and external constituents in aggregated form only. Updated reports are typically posted late each spring semester.

Employer participation in the classroom

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences encourages and supports interaction between campus recruiters and college faculty members. Individual faculty members sometimes host employers in their classrooms. Those organizations wishing to participate in classrooms should recognize that any material presented in such forums should correspond/compliment the classroom curriculum. Employer “commercials”, where the bulk of the material covered is focused on marketing the organization and recruiting activities are not recommended.Employers should plan to prepare presentations that will align with the curriculum covered in the course. For those campus recruiters who wish to promote their organization, hosting an information session coordinated by the Memorial Union and marketed via CyHire is the appropriate venue.Student organizations may also be a venue for presentations. It should be mutually agreed upon by the organization and the company that the presentation will NOT primarily promote the employer. Additionally, any recruiting activities (i.e., resume collection, sharing of job postings, etc.) should be coordinated with Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Services and posted on CyHire. Engaging in recruitment activities in classroom situations which might be outside of standard recruitment practices may jeopardize the employer’s compliance with EEO and/or DOL obligations.