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LAS Student Spotlight – Marissa Smith

LAS Student Spotlight

Name: Marissa Smith
Major: Public Relations
Minor: Event Management
Graduating: Spring 2023 


How did LAS 203 help prepare you for your future? 

“LAS 203 helped me tremendously this year!” – Marissa Smith 

Marissa felt as if she was behind when it came to searching for internships and preparing for life after graduation when she decided to take LAS 203. Marissa was able to learn a lot of valuable skills from LAS 203, like resume tips, how to answer common interview questions, building a LinkedIn page, networking, and even how to negotiate salaries.  

“I loved this class because it made me think about what I wanted for my future while giving me tools to set myself up for success in whatever future I decide.” – Marissa Smith 


How did you find out about the internship with First Fleet? What did the process look like from applying, interviewing, etc.? 

Marissa was offered a position as a Marketing Intern with First Fleet after finding out about this internship from attending the Jump-Start Internship and Networking Fair! Marissa was able to connect with the representative, who is her future supervisor this summer, at the fair! Marissa sent her resume that she had perfected in LAS 203 and applied. After completing the application process and emailing back and forth, she was offered a position! 

“I’m really excited about this because music and live events are something I enjoy and am extremely passionate about. I feel very lucky to have found an internship where I can apply my career skills to a field I’m passionate about.” – Marissa Smith 


What other experiences have helped you learn and grow professionally, academically, and personally? 

Marissa has had a ton of experiences that have helped her grow! Whether it is working as a part-time bartender and server, working as a TA this semester, being a part of the executive team for the TREND Magazine, or being a part of PRSSA, all those experiences have shaped and helped Marissa grow professionally.  

“Being a part-time bartender/server has given me so many personal and professional skills that I would never have gotten in the classroom!” – Marissa Smith 

Working as a bartender and server has helped Marissa grow her communication skills as well as learning how to multitask and be quick to make decisions. These skills are very applicable to any job, and Marissa can apply these skills to her future career in PR/Communications! 

Marissa has been a teaching assistant (TA) for PR 321: Public Relations Writing and working alongside Beth Haag. Marissa helps with grading student blog-style papers every week, which has helped her learn even more about writing, and has improved her own writing skills because of this. 

Marissa was able to go outside her comfort zone and spent this past semester as Advertising Director for the TREND Magazine Issue 32. Marissa has learned how to communicate professionally and be able to grow her creative side.  

Lastly, Marissa has been able to work alongside PR professionals while being in PRSSA. She was able to job shadow in Des Moines through a PRSSA connection! 

“It has helped me make connections and learn more about the industry I’m passionate about while also connecting me with ISU students with similar interests.” – Marissa Smith 


What advice would you have for other students about all things internships? Applying, searching for internships, interviewing, etc.? 

“I would advise utilizing all the opportunities Iowa State has, especially Career Services, and taking LAS 203! They all want to help you succeed, so let them! I would also say to start early in your internship hunt and to stay open to all opportunities. Sometimes the best opportunities are the ones you did not picture yourself taking at first.” – Marissa Smith