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Classroom to Careers: Alumni Spotlight – Tera Bose

Name: Tera Bose 

Major: Communications Studies 

Graduated: May 2018 

Job Title: Customer Success Manager at Workiva 

Graduation, day that the majority of us are looking forward to and some of us are about to experience very soon. That last semester of college can be full of mixed emotions. While it can be a very exciting time, it can also be very tough trying plan your life, finish classes strong, and most importantly.. find a job! If there is any way to push through it, it would be to look at our awesome Alumni that have successfully survived their last semester, and are thriving in their job. Tera Bose is one of those Alumni. 

Tera graduated from Iowa State University in May 2018 with a degree in Communications Studies. Tera has been in her job as a Customer Success Manager at Workiva for just about a year and she still thinks back to what that last semester was like. 

“The job hunt during my last semester was exciting and overwhelming. I remember feeling like I wanted to look at every option possible. I was on LinkedIn and CyHire almost every day checking for updates and looking at jobs related to ones I was interested in.” 

While going through this process Tera said it was easy to start comparing yourself to your friends and classmates.  

“I had to remember that everyone is different and that I am different,” Tera said. “Yes, the items on your resume are important, but being self-aware or your strengths, weaknesses and assets are the pieces that will help you attract the right employer.” 

By utilizing her resources such as LAS Career Services, and taking time to research jobs and companies, Tera landed the job she wanted and is enjoying every minute of it.  

“The biggest advice is to not tell yourself that you do not qualify, because YOU might. Take what you have on paper and paint aexciting picture for the employer of who you are.” 

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