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Classroom to Careers: Etiquette Dinner Recap

This past Tuesday LAS Career Services hosted an Etiquette Dinner. What is an etiquette dinner you ask? It is an opportunity for students to participate in a formal dinner and learn all of the tips and tricks of fine dining. You might need this information when going to dinner with a potential employer, your current one or if you’re ever at a formal event with your job. 

If you weren’t able to attend don’t worry, we are going to cover some key takeaways from the dinner so you can be prepared. 

1. Have a Professional Persona 

Your non-verbal actions can speak volumes during a formal dinner so you need to get in a mindset of a professional. Remembering simple things such as sitting straight, having both feet on the floor and keeping elbows off the table can do wonders! 

2. No Cellphones 

This is pretty straight forward, but very important. You want to be giving that person at dinner your undivided attention. It can be very unprofessional to have your phone sitting on the table or going off during dinner.  

3. What do you do with the napkin? 

When you first sit down, take the napkin and put it on your lap with it folded in half with the folded edge facing away from you. During the meal only use the top half to blot your mouth. If you have to leave the table at any time during the meal, fold your napkin and leave it on your chair. Finally, when you are finished you may place the napkin in half and half again and place it on the table. 

4. Eating Rules 

There are a lot of rules when it comes to the actual eating, but we are going to highlight the main ones: 

  • For bread, and butter, break off and butter one bite size piece at a time.
  • For meat, only cut one bite size piece at a time.  
  • For soup, start in the middle of the bowl and dip you spoon away from you and never blow on your soup to cool it down.  
  • Finally, always bring the food to your mouth, do not meet it half way. 

5. Thank You’s 

Always thank your host when the dinner is done, and write a thank you afterwards. Handwritten is always great but even email works too. It shows you care! 

Keep an eye out for details on next year’s Etiquette DinnerIf you have more questions about proper etiquette during a dinner, stop by Career Services or set up an appointment in CyHire!