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Classroom to Careers: Student Spotlight – Steven Timotijevic

Name: Steven Timotijevic 

Major: Biology 

Graduation: May 2020 

Job Title: Research Assistant 

Persistence is key, especially when it comes to finding a job or internship. Persistence is something that Steven Timotijevic learned this semester while looking for his internship.  

Steven, a junior majoring in biology with a minor in genetics, found his internship through CyHire with Bayer Agriscience as a Research Assistant. This was not as easy of a process as some may think.  

Steven applied for over 100 internships! 

A situation like Steven’s imore common than you may think. Finding a job/internship is a process. On average it can take up to 6 months to find a job and you can expect a 10-15% response rate when submitting job applications.  

After a lot of hard work, multiple applications and phone interviews, Steven had landed his job with Bayer Agriscience. Steve thinks that his various leadership experiences, and taking the time to know the company before going into interviews really set him apart. He is beyond excited for the opportunities he will have within his internship.  

“I am excited to work for a very recognizable, big company,” said Steven. “I knew that Bayer was a drug company but I thought that was all they did.  Now I get to see the other side of them.” 

Throughout the summer he will be tasked with overseeing a group of 15-25 other interns and their work to make sure they are learning valuable skills such as pollinating plants, unrooting them correctly, doing lab work and much more. 

Stevens best advice for finding internships is to apply early and often.  

“I applied for over 100 internships and I hardly got anything more than emails saying no,” he said. “It is hard to forget a last name of Timotijevic though…I kept applying and eventually a few internships finally stuck.” 

There are still so many job postings on CyHire. Login today and find your next job! If you have any questions, or need help finding a summer internship, stop by Career Services so we can help you get there – set up an advising appointment through CyHire. 

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