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Classroom to Careers: Chase’s Job Hunt Process

Hi, everyone! It’s Chase again. This week I wanted to take some time for this blog to give you all a sneak peek into my post-graduation job search and how it has evolved throughout this year. As we all know, whether you are looking for a job or an internship, the process can be tough. I wanted to share some ways that I have gotten through it!

After my internship this previous summer, I came into my senior year wanting to work at a Public Relations agency somewhere in a big city. I didn’t want to restrict myself to one place, so I chose four cities I thought I would enjoy: Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Even though agencies tend to not hire until the spring, I knew I could still make my fall semester productive.

My Job Search Plan

I began by researching the companies I knew I was interested in, and made a running list so that I could quickly go through and look at their jobs. I made myself familiar with the work they did, what kind of positions they have open now, and what those entry-level positions looked like. It looked something like this:

  • Weber Shandwick
    • Industries They Work In
      • Food & Ag
      • Consumer
      • Travel
    • Clients
      • Budlight
      • Royal Caribbean
      • DiGiorno
    • Entry Level Positions
      • Associate, Client Experience

Fall To-Do List: 


  • Network


I also tasked myself to do a lot of networking during the fall. I figured if I couldn’t necessarily start applying for positions, I could at least start making connections at specific places in hopes that it will help when I do apply! This meant reaching out to ISU alums that work there via LinkedIn, asking my academic advisor to connect me with former students, or asking my current connections if they can help in any way.


  • Informational Interviews


I am a big fan of asking for informational interviews because not only are they usually low-stress and casual, they can also be super informative and help you learn more about a specific position or company culture that you might have not been able to find out on your own. Often time, I found that they are also willing to connect you with their HR Manager at the company.

Spring To-Do List: Apply, Apply, Apply, and Don’t Give Up!

Once the spring semester started, I started to look more heavily at the jobs that were available and began applying to ones that caught my interest! So far, I’ve gotten seven rejections, with none leading to any interviews. Even though this is just part of the job search process, it can become discouraging very quickly! I have to keep reminding myself that this is normal, and you can’t let it stop you from applying to places. And if you’re feeling the same way, you’re definitely not the only one!

Keep An Open Mind

Since I have been applying, I have also switched my strategy a bit. I was originally looking for only full-time opportunities. But, as I have been applying, I have opened my search for internships as well. I have been finding that for some companies, internships are a great way to get in the door and learn the ropes. A lot of them can also lead to full-time opportunities!

Keep Searching

With March having started, I have begun narrowing my focus and setting time aside each week to keep up with my networking and applications. New positions pop up each day, which keeps me excited about the possibilities, and keeps me motivated to apply until I get something!

Keep Pushing! Get That Job!

Moral of the story, the job search is hard on everyone in different ways! Don’t let the rejections discourage you. It’s okay if you haven’t gotten any leads yet. It’s okay to change your mind about the cities you want to move to. It’s okay if you decide to start looking at internships instead of full-time opportunities. Everyone’s search is a little bit different but, but if you put in the work, you will find the opportunity that’s right for you!