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Classroom to Careers: Kerrigan’s LAS 203X Spotlight

My name is Kerrigan Urbi and I am a Junior in Statistics. This past semester I had the opportunity to take LAS 203X and it ended up being one of the most beneficial classes I have taken during my time in college. As my graduation year approaches, I can’t help but continuously wonder about what my next steps after college will be. Before taking LAS 203X, picturing myself preparing for the job world and someday being an active body in it was daunting, but this class has not only calmed my nerves, it has also made me excited for what’s to come. Although LAS 203X is only a half semester class, it is packed with tons of great information that will not only be useful now, but also as you enter the workforce. The best part about the way this class is structured is that it isn’t all reading. There are numerous links to interactive career-based websites, video lectures, and visuals that keep the course interesting. One of the most beneficial parts of this class is the feedback you get on your professional material. During the course you  create a resume, cover letter and even a LinkedIn profile, all which are carefully reviewed and returned with helpful feedback. I found it to be extremely valuable to have someone who is trained in what employers are looking for to provide me with feedback. Knowing that a professional has looked over my materials adds confidence for when I send in my application to potential employers. One of my favorite parts of this course is the amount of different perspectives and majors that are brought together. Being able to connect with a variety of different students who are each taking their own unique paths was super interesting, and a great way to learn more about different career fields, as well as, different aspects of your own field. LAS 203X has many great resources to learn from, but one of the best and most memorable are the ones that we learn from our peers and this course does a great job of providing you with both.