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Classroom to Careers: The Importance of Virtual Networking – Steps to Get Started

Author: tbrow

The Importance of Virtual Networking – Three Steps to Get Started  

While there have been a lot of parts about a job or internship search that has changed, one thing has stayed the same – the importance of networking!  

Networking is an invaluable piece of your professional development puzzle. While we may not be able to meet up with people in-person, there are so many opportunities to connect virtually. And we have plenty of time to do it right now!   

Not sure where to start? Here are two steps you can take to make sure youre staying connected: 

Step 1: Start networking within ISU 

Networking isnt always about meeting new people. There are plenty of people within the university that you could connect with. Reach out to your academic advisor and chat about your upcoming job or internship. Or, ask a current/former professor or faculty member to catch up! These people are just as crucial to your success as any other professionals. 

Step 2: Take part in informational interviews 

Schedule informational interviews with people who can tell you about their careers. Dont immediately start asking How can you help me?” Plan your questions ahead of time, and focus on how the organization works and how the person-shaped his or her career path.  Instead of coffee, you could even do a zoom meeting! Informational interviews are great because its an easy way to build a connection, and you can learn so much about their career path and how they got to where they are!  


Blog by Kerrigan Urbi – LAS Career Services Student Communications Specialist