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What LAS Students Should Know!

Author: tbrow | Image: tbrow

What LAS Students Should Know   

Looking for some advice and tips? Whether you are searching for your next journey towards your career or simply interested in furthering your knowledge and skills, LAS Career Service Advisors have you covered! You won’t be able to get this kind of advice anywhere else!    


Taren Reker – Director of LAS Career Services:    

“If you’re thinking of going to grad school, ask yourself why. Are you just delaying the job search because you don’t know what you want? Do you think you “can’t do anything” with a bachelor’s degree (not true)? Is it just because it sounds prestigious? Grad school can be expensive, have a huge time commitment, delay paying back loans, make it difficult to start to save for retirement (which is super important to start in your 20s!), etc. Make sure you are pursuing further education because you love the field and future career prospects, not as a way to delay making other decisions.”   


Tessa Brow – Career Education Coordinator:    

“It’s okay to not know “what you want to do,” and it’s also okay to change your mind (multiple times). But you do need to take active steps (e.g., networking, career assessments, good-even-if-not-necessarily-perfect internships) along the way to learn about the wide variety of career paths where you could be successful with your unique skills, values, and major. Those career exploration strategies will also help you develop essential skills valued by a wide variety of employers. While exploring, don’t get stuck in or feel limited to the obvious or linear career paths associated with your major. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook outlines hundreds of occupations with multiple specialties and variations. Your career opportunities are ultimately only limited by your awareness of your options. LAS Career Services is here to help you in the process, but only you can decide for yourself what will be a rewarding career!” 

Elizabeth Hergert – Career Advisor:    

“Employers want to see more than just a good GPA on your resume – they want to see your involvement outside of the classroom (internships, clubs, volunteering, part-time jobs, etc.). If there was one piece of advice I could give students, it is to gather experiences outside of the classroom; it will make your resume much stronger!”    

Leslie Ginder – Student and Employer Relations Coordinator:

“Please know that Career Services is for everyone. Don’t talk yourself out of coming to career events or meeting with Career Services because you don’t have the GPA you wanted, aren’t currently looking for an internship, or have other circumstances that make your career path more of a squiggle than a straight line.”  


It is easy to come and see us at LAS Career Services! Please request a new appointment through your CyHire account to meet with one of our advisors in person or virtually! Visit LAS Career Services to read more valuable advice from our wonderful staff! 

Blog By: Taylor Mathis