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LAS Student Spotlight – Abbigail Markus

Student Spotlight 

Name: Abbigail Markus 

Major(s): Statistics and Performing Arts 

Graduating: Spring 2022 


How has your experience at Iowa State University been? 

Abbigail describes how Iowa State University as “unforgettable.” 

“I’m not only graduating with knowledge in Statistics and Performing Arts but a better understanding of the world and how I fit into it.”  

She had worked with the ISU Theatre during her entire time here at Iowa State University and had learned the importance of working as a “citizen artist.” 

Along with working at the ISU Theatre, Abbigail was an employee for RISE (Research Institute of Studies in Education) and ISEK (Iowa State Engineering Kids). All these experiences had helped her grow her technical and soft skills.  

“As a college student, I’ve met friends and have memories that I will carry with me forever.” 


What are some things you have done while at Iowa State University to prepare yourself for job hunting, interviewing, post-graduation, etc.? 

Abbigail was able to receive a lot of guidance over her four years at Iowa State. She has been able to add to her resume from her involvement in different organizations and was able to network and gain more experience for herself. Abbigail also took STAT 202, which is similar to LAS 203. This helped her learn what to do when you are looking for jobs and conducting job searches. Along with that, she attended many career fairs and stopped by LAS Career Services for application advice, resume and cover letter assistance, and more! 

Whenever in doubt, ask questions and seek help.”  


How did you receive your offer for a Research Analyst in Twin Cities? 

Abbigail first applied for this position in early February of 2022. She had heard back about scheduling an interview about two weeks later. She had to complete various tests, including an excel test, and a written test and had to submit some writing samples. Abbigail heard back a day later and was given an offer! 

A piece of advice, if you are in communication with a company, save their numbers to your phone.”  


What advice would you have for fellow students regarding job/internship hunting, etc.? 

  1. “Stay organized! Create a spreadsheet of your job applications. Color code it. Add everything about the job that you would need to know. If you get a call out of nowhere from a company, you can quickly access information. This also allows you to check in on jobs over time.”  
  2. “Use your resources. Get help with creating your resume and cover letters. Go to career services. Reach out to people in your field for advice. Create a LinkedIn profile. Set up job alerts.”  
  3. “If you don’t hear back from a company or you get a “we have decided to move forward with other candidates” email, it is going to be okay. There are so many opportunities out there for you. Keep your head up!”  


What do your next steps regarding work and career plans look like? 

“Accepting this offer and logistically setting everything up (both in my personal and professional life). I will also need to do all the preliminary and onboarding work to officially get started with ATRI.”