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LAS Student Spotlight – Benedict Neo

LAS Student Spotlight 

Name: Benedict Neo 

Major: Statistics 

Minor: Computer Science 

Graduating: Spring 2023 

How did you find your internship? 

Benedict found an internship with Tesla through LinkedIn Jobs.  

“I applied 5 times for various roles from November 2021 to March 2022, and eventually landed one of them.” 

What will you be doing at Tesla/what do you do at Tesla? 

Benedict will be a Data Science Intern at Tesla.  

“I’ll be getting my hands dirty with data in manufacturing the Tesla cars at the factory. More specifically, I’ll be extracting useful statistics and insights about the operation and monitoring key product metrics, and interpreting trends and patterns in the dataset.”  

What have you done at Iowa State that has helped prepare you for this internship and your future? 

Benedict describes how coming to Iowa State has been a wonderful opportunity and has opened many doors for him as an international student. He was first exposed to job interviews at the Iowa State University career fairs. This allowed him to also speak with a variety of different companies. 

“The career services were also incredibly helpful in helping me overcome the additional obstacle I face as an international student when applying for jobs.” 

What are some goals of yours after graduating from Iowa State? Where would you like to be? 

“My biggest goal after graduating is to work as a data scientist or a software engineer at big tech companies. I also have plans to take a master’s in Computer Science either in the United States or in Germany.”