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LAS Student Spotlight – Clare Vilmont

Clare VilmontName: Clare Vilmont 

Major: Public Relations and Political Science 

Graduating: Spring 2024 

How did taking LAS 203 help prepare you for your future? 

“I think one of the reasons I got an internship was because of LAS 203.” Clare describes how LAS 203 helped her become more confident in many different skills such as interviewing and networking. LAS 203 also helped Clare review her resume and fix it up! 

What did participating in the Washington Media Scholars Competition look like and how was your experience? 

“The competition is making a media plan for the case that they give you, this year it was a magazine.”  

Clare made it through three rounds and to the finalist round in the competition with her partner Ellie Flynn. The two worked together in making their media plan. Clare is still participating in the competition, as it is still going on. She will also compete in June and will travel to D.C. for it!  

“I learned a lot about media planning, and I’m excited to meet and network with people in DC!” 

What kind of resources help you get to where you are today? 

Clare has had a lot of great people help here throughout her journey thus far. Her teachers, Joanna Schroeder and Jay Newell were great resources for her throughout the competition.  

“Joanna has also helped give professional career development and advice that’s helped and inspired me.”  

Clare also has her peer mentor Hannah Morrow who has been of great inspiration and help! 

What are your plans after graduation? 

After graduation, Clare plans to find a job in communications within the government sector. Her plans are not concrete as she still has a couple of years left here at Iowa State!