Career Services Policies for Students

LAS Career Services has developed a few policies for students searching for and accepting jobs through through CyHire, as well as best-practices for a successful job search. These policies help both job seekers and employers attain what we all want – a successful hire and placement.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Services encourages employers to give students as much time as possible to evaluate job offers and make informed decisions without undue pressure. Employers should provide candidates a minimum of three weeks from the date of offer to evaluate the opportunity for both internships and full-time positions. We also encourage employers to consider requests for additional time on an individual basis. Offers made to students for positions should be made in writing. Verbal offers should be followed with written offers via email or post.

It is in poor professional form to continue to job search after accepting a job offer. Employers take a harsh view of a student who accepts a position and later declines. This is called “reneging.” Acceptance of a job offer constitutes ceasing all job searching activities including further resume submission, interviewing, etc. If a student is not prepared to go to work for the organization that makes the job offer, they should ask for more time to consider the offer or respectfully decline the offer in a timely manner and continue job searching. Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Services is happy to advise students as it relates to issues of job searching, negotiation, and accepting/declining offers.

Students are required to provide 48-hour or more notice to their college career services office if they need to cancel an interview. If late cancelation is unavoidable, the student should inform their college career services office as soon as possible and follow the “late notice/no-show procedure” explaining why the interview was missed. By maintaining a positive relationship with the employer, the student may be able to reschedule the interview. The decision to reschedule will be at the discretion of the employer.

In the event of a late notice or no show for an interview scheduled through CyHire:

  • Student CyHire accounts will be blocked, making students unable to schedule additional on-campus interviews, until an apology e-mail is sent. NOTE: any previously scheduled interviews should be kept or canceled appropriately.
  • To remove the block from CyHire, an apology e-mail will need to be sent to the recruiter. Contact information is available in 150 Carver Hall. Copy in this e-mail so our office is aware you have followed the correct procedure. When we receive this e-mail, the account will be unblocked.
  • If we do not receive this e-mail within three business days of the missed interview, the CyHire account will be disabled and the student will be unable to log in. The account will remain blocked and disabled until we receive a copy of the apology email to the recruiter.

If illness or an emergency occurs, call our office (515-294-8691) as soon as possible. If this is not more than 48 hours prior to the interview, it will be treated as a “no-show.” However, by following the “no-show” policy, it may be possible to maintain a positive relationship with the employer and reschedule the interview. The decision to reschedule is at the discretion of the employer.

Reason for this no-show policy

Although most late cancelations are due to unanticipated events (illness/emergency), the consequences are the same whether there is a legitimate excuse or not:

  • Lost opportunities for other students.
  • Loss of potential hires for employers.
  • Wasted time for employers who travel and take time away from work to interview on campus.
  • Potential long-term damage, such as ISU being removed from an employer’s targeted campus list.