Employers recruiting Iowa State University students for interns and full-time employees post positions on CyHire. You can search for positions by college or major, upload your resume, view career fair information, and more. Explore all features in the system and be sure to visit the site frequently to see new listings.

Iowa State alumni can register for CyHire by completing the Alumni CyHire Access Form.

Access the system

This link will direct you to the Okta verify page, enter your ISU username and password to log-in.

  • Updating your Profile

Many of the fields in your profile have been automatically populated.  However, on your Academic Profile, you need to make a selection for the Application Type and Work Authorization.

For Applicant Typeselect “Experiential Education” since you will likely start by seeking a co-op or internship.  You will need to change this to “Entry Level” when you begin seeking post-graduation employment.

For Work Authorization, select the condition that applies to your situation.  U.S. citizens, permanent residents and others authorized to work in the US should choose “Authorized to Work in the U.S. on a Full-Time Basis.”

Keep your profile updated as these choices affect the results of the job searches conducted in CyHire.

  • Student User Guide and Tip Sheet

The Student User Guide is located in the Resources section of CyHire.

CyHire Tips for Students

CyHire is the primary online tool that LAS students should use to identify job opportunities, submit resumes for consideration, and arrange interviews.  All professional employment opportunities (co-ops/internships and post-graduation) being recruited for on the ISU campus should be in CyHire.  The system even has a job alert that will regularly email job seekers with information about job postings that meet a customizable search criteria.

CyHire also contains information about employers and allows you to make advising appointments with LAS Career Services, report after-graduation plans, and more.  Learn how to use CyHire more effectively by reading through the following frequently asked questions and advanced tips.

General Tip: Use the ‘Back’ button within CyHire rather than on the browser.

  • Why is it necessary to upload a resume and how is it done?
    • CyHire makes it very easy for job seekers to submit their resumes to employers and it makes it easy for employers to collect and review resumes.  For many job opportunities, you must apply for the position by submitting your resume using CyHire.Steps for uploading a resume
      • Save your resume as a PDF before uploading to CyHire to avoid delays due to document conversion.
      • Select My Documents in the left-hand navigation bar
      • Click Add New
      • Type a label. Recommendation for the label: LastName_MonthYear (Example: Smith_November2013)
        • If using for a specific company, add the company’s name (Example: Smith_November2013_Boeing)
      • Click Browse and choose the correct document; click Submit
      • You can upload up to 30 documents

      To edit a resume once it has been uploaded, you will need to make changes to the document outside of CyHire and then upload the edited version using the steps above.  If you have submitted a resume to an employer for consideration, you will need to withdraw and re-submit the resume (the same applies for other documents) in order for the employer to have the most current version.

  • How do I apply for a job?
    • On the Job Postings page, click on the title of the job you wish to apply for.
      • The left column displays the job description and the right column displays details about the application.
        • You will be asked to apply in one of 3 ways (indicated when you click the Apply button).
          1. By visiting the company’s website.
          2. By seeing the company at the career fair.
          3. By submitting your resume and other application materials through CyHire.
            • Select your resume (that you previously uploaded to CyHire) from the drop-down menu.
            • Select any other required documents (marked with an *)
            • If you would like to add a message to the employer, you can do so in the Notes This is not a required field.
            • Click on Submit.
  • Why is the Events section important?
    • Networking is an essential part of the job search process.  Networking is simply building relationships and connecting with others to exchange information, advice, contacts, and support. In the job search process, face-to-face networking is the most effective and occurs at career fairs, information sessions, professional society meetings and other events where there is an opportunity to engage with employers
    • The Career Fair sub-tab provides a list of all career fairs. Select the upcoming career fair to see a list of all companies that are currently planning to attend. From the Participants tab select Engineering from the drop-down menu and click Apply Search. Use the Advanced Search function to further narrow the companies.
      • Clicking the name of the company will take you to the company profile and may provide a position description along with the screening criteria.  Company profiles are great to research before attending the career fair
    • The Information Sessions sub-section provides information about upcoming meetings that employers will be holding to provide information about the company that they represent.  In addition to learning more about employers, information sessions provide opportunities to meet company representatives and do a little networking.  In some cases, employers may fill open slots in interview schedules through the networking that occurs at an information session.
  • Who can see my information in CyHire?
    • Only career services personnel can see your information in CyHire.  Employers cannot see any of your information.  This includes your resume unless you submit it to them in order to be considered for a specific position

Automate your CyHire search

You will want to check CyHire frequently for information about information sessions and career fairs, but you do have the ability to have CyHire email the jobs or internships you’re interested in straight to your inbox.

  • Under the Jobs tab, click Job Postings. Under the search button, click See All Jobs. Begin creating your search by selecting your desired Position Type and clicking Apply. Under More Filters, select your major (and any related majors). You may also want to select Yes under Include only selected major. Click Apply.
  • If you have gotten the results you’re looking for, click + Create Job Alert. You will now receive a weekly email with all of the new positions that meet your search criteria.