A resume may get you an interview, but a strong interview can get you a job. Use the resources on this page to learn about interview etiquette and how to present yourself as a strong candidate.


Mock Interview Mondays

Practice is a very important part of the interview and job-seeking process. LAS Career Services hosts Mock Interview Mondays each semester for LAS students. For Mock Interview Mondays, industry and career services professionals are invited to provide practice interviews for students.

Each interview lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes specific feedback from the interviewer on what was done well and what could be improved. Your mock interview will be a way for you to practice; however, the interview will be much more than “just practice.” Our office recommends you present yourself in the same way you would for a “real” interview. Need more information on how to present yourself for your mock interview? Schedule an appointment with one of our advisers today!Utilize CyHire to sing up for a time slot during for the Mock Interview Days. You will receive targeted emails with upcoming Mock Interview Day information. All LAS students and majors are invited to take part in any of the Mock Interview Day opportunities.

Before Your Mock Interview:

    1. Know yourself! Know who you are and what you have to offer. Questions will be drawn from some basic categories. Use your experience and abilities to come up with supporting examples from each category.
    2. Practice your responses to standard interview questions and behavioral questions.
    3. Dress professionally and look the part!
      • You may want to bring a professional padfolio to jot down your interviewer’s name, notes, etc. and to hold the key
        questions you want to ask. In a real interview, you would want to bring extra resumes, a copy of your transcript,
        and a reference page.
    4. Be prepared to close the interview with a brief statement about how you will fit into the organization and why you would be the best match for the job!

Mock Interview with LAS Careers Services Staff

At any time you can set up a mock interview with one of the LAS Career Services advisers through your CyHire account to practice for any interview you have coming up.

Benefits of a Mock Interview

    • Gain experience interviewing
    • View and evaluate your interviewing style
    • Receive interviewing feedback, tips, and suggestions
    • Reduce anxiety about the interview process
Saying “Thank you” and Following Up

Be sure to always send a “Thank You” email within 24 hours of your interview to each person you interviewed with.  Show appreciation, reiterate your interest, personalize the note by writing about one or two things you learned, and remind them of your qualifications.  Remember to proofread!

Interview Room Reservations available at LAS Career Services 

Email to reserve one of our interview rooms in Carver Hall. Please provide the date with the start/end time of your interview when you submit an interview room reservation request. You will be granted a half-hour before and after your interview start/end time to prepare. Interview rooms are available Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm. Contact our office with questions. 

Padfolio Check Out

Padfolios can be checked out to LAS students for 3 business days. Please stop into 150 Carver or email to make arrangements to check out a padfolio for your next interview!