Classroom to Careers

  • Classroom to Careers: Laura Fisher

    A class of 2016 ISU alum, Laura Fisher shares her advice for applying to grad school and her current experience at Sarah Lawrence College's genetics program in New York. Read More

  • Classroom to Careers: Melissa Moy

    Melissa, a senior in Biology, used CyHire and LAS Career Services to prepare for the Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Fair. She obtained an internship where she will perform plant-based genetics research with Monsanto. Read More

  • Classroom to Careers: Michaela Mclnerney

    Michaela Mclnerney, a recent Psychology graduate, and Associate Recruiter for Futurestep, A Kern Ferry Company demonstrates the importance of LinkedIn and gaining internship experience before graduating. Read More

  • Classroom to Careers: Aimee Rodin

    By the end of her freshman year, Aimee had met new people from across the university, joined numerous student organizations and even scored an internship with Nationwide Insurance through the career fair. Read More

  • Classroom to Careers: Emily Benda

    Emily chose to pursue a degree in Spanish, and her love for yearbook influenced her to pick up a second major in journalism and mass communication where she managed to win a communications internship at Land O’ Lakes Read More

  • Classroom to Careers: Peter Ampe

    Peter Ampe, a recent Iowa State alumni and Director of Project Management at the Ames Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Commission, offers great insight and advice on life after college. Read More

  • Classroom to Careers: Brian Garrido

    Brian Garrido, senior in philosophy and economics, went from failing an econ exam his freshman year to ending senior year with a full-time job awaiting him. Read More

  • Classroom to Careers: Sara Schumacher

    Sara, a senior in Statistics, used CyHire and LAS Career Services for her internship search. She obtained an internship with Kingland Systems and built on her statistical and communication skills as a Advanced Statistical Analytics Intern. Read More

  • Classroom to Careers: Brooke Fleener

    Brooke Fleener, Senior in Speech Communication, gained "real world" experience right here on Iowa State's campus as a Conference Manager through the Department of Residence. Read More

  • Classroom to Careers: Adrienne Smith

    Adrienne, senior in biochemistry has spent her time at Iowa State working her way from the labs on campus to working alongside researchers at Mayo Clinics. Read More